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Premium quality reupholstering for your ercol furniture

The process of reupholstering is the most effective and cost-efficient way to extend the life of your most precious items of furniture, and if you wish to reupholster ercol furniture, then there's no better way of doing so than by using the reCover reupholstery service.

ercol furniture is famed for its beautiful design, exceptional build quality and fine craftsmanship, so it's only natural that owners of these items require their reupholstering to be of the same high standards - and when you choose the reCover service to reupholster your furniture, high standards are exactly what you'll get.

To get the best results from reupholstering, it's essential that the reupholstery service you choose is made to complement your item's original design, ensuring that your new cushions and covers are a good fit for your furniture.

ercol reupholstery

Specialist reupholstering services

Our specialist reupholstering service is the only way to bring your ercol furniture up-to-date without compromising on quality. While other reupholstery services may be available, reCover, as part of the ercol family, is the only one with access to the original design blueprints. This means that when we reupholster your furniture, each cushion and cover is cut and tailored using the very same design templates that were used when your furniture was created as new.

The quality of our reupholstery service is as important to us as that of our original manufacturing processes. From the techniques we employ, through to the fabrics we use to reupholster your furniture, every element is undertaken in strict accordance with our high standards.

You can learn more about the fabrics available for our reupholstery service by following the link.

ercol reupholstery ercol reupholstery

Reupholster with reCover for quality assurance

When you reupholster with reCover, you can be sure that quality and good service will always be our priority. Our reupholstery team take pride in their work, and will go to every length to ensure that your new cushions, seat pads and covers meet our standards.

The interiors that we use for reupholstering furniture will even exceed the performance standards that you experienced when buying your items as new, due to enhanced materials and improved industry standards.
Please click on the following links if you'd like to find out more about reupholstering a sofa or chair with reCover, or choosing your chair reupholstery fabric.
Alternatively, if you've decided to reupholster with reCover, you can get in touch with our reupholstering team via our contact page.

reCover reupholstery service - for quality and peace of mind.

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Why reCover?

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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Furniture options

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