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reCover reupholstery service - meet the team!

The reCover reupholstery service is brought to you by a fantastic team of reupholstery professionals, who know exactly what it takes to ensure that all of our chair and sofa reupholstery meets our high standards of quality and service.

Across our company we have many long service employees with a huge collective knowledge and experience of making ercol; a large proportion of our 90 or so factory staff have been creating our furniture and working within our reupholstery team for over 21 years, with some members even clocking up over 40 years with us.

Our reupholstery service encompasses many of the original ercol manufacturing processes, so when you choose reCover for your chair and sofa reupholstery, much of the work is carried out by the same people who are making our current models - and with such long service the norm, it is not impossible that the same individuals who made your original furniture may also be involved in your reupholstery too.

By utilising our staff's in-depth knowledge of creating well-built and functional pieces of furniture, and ensuring a seamless integration between our manufacturing and reupholstery processes, you can be sure that our team will always deliver the very best in chair and sofa reupholstery.

The ercol team

Key members of our reupholstery staff

When you use reCover's chair and sofa reupholstery service, you're benefiting from the skills and hard work of several team members who work together to bring you beautiful reupholstery that will add a whole new lease of life to your cherished items of ercol furniture - so let's meet some of them...

John - Reupholstery Team Leader/Prototype & Quality Assistant

John has been with ercol since he left school in 1984, moving around various departments from polishing, fabric cutting and case filling, through to reupholstery design, prototyping and final inspection.

It's John's responsibility to make sure that all reCover chair and sofa reupholstery items are up to scratch, and he also helps customers with their upholstery orders, an aspect of his job that he really enjoys. He says: "Every day brings different challenges, especially when someone wants to use the reupholstery service for one of the older items. I find it really rewarding when I help someone to identify their item; my experience across the factory means I've got a good understanding of the frames, so it's nice to be able to help."

When John isn't busy helping to uphold our high standards, he can be found playing golf (badly, by his own admission!) or spending time with his family.

Larry - Sales Manager

His 30 plus years at ercol and reCover have given Larry a great insight into what customers really want from our reupholstery service. His experience of working in a variety of roles means that he has a great understanding of the many different furniture designs and their corresponding chair and sofa reupholstery products, and our reupholstering fabrics.

Larry says: "Dealing with reupholstery customers is really rewarding, especially when you're helping them to bring new life to their furniture - sometimes our customers want to use the reupholstery service for items that have been passed down for generations, which is great! With over 200 ercol designs, it's important to help them recognise the exact model so that our skilled craftsmen can tailor the reupholstery to their needs."

Larry is a real champion for customer service, but in his time away from work, you're more likely to find him on his motorbike or strolling around National Trust properties than talking fabrics or furniture!

Sue - CAD Programmer/Sewing Machinist

Sue has been with us since 1980 and learned her art as an apprentice, and through 'on the job' training here at ercol. When you place an order for reupholstery, it's Sue's job to make sure that your chosen fabric gets cut correctly and meets our layout standards, as well as being one of our team who sew the covers once the patterns have been cut.

"I love digitising jobs into the CAD system and effectively creating a set of covers from pieces of paper," says Sue. "I also really like working with the Customers Own Cover side, and it's great to help people bring new life to a loved piece of furniture."

Sue uses her skills to ensure that fabric waste is kept to a minimum, and collates various orders using the same fabric to maximise output - she's an integral and vital part of the ercol reCover team and her extensive knowledge of our products helps us to provide a great service. When she's not in the factory, she likes to spend her free time reading, walking her dog and socialising with friends.

As you can see, your chair and sofa reupholstery is in safe hands!

We hope you enjoyed 'meeting' some of our reupholstery team; as you can see from their many years with us, when you choose reCover for your chair and sofa reupholstery, it's in the safest of hands!

If you'd like to speak to someone regarding our reupholstery service, feel free to contact our customer services department at any time, and they'll be delighted to help, or alternatively your local ercol stockist will be pleased to help you.

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