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reCover sofa and chair reupholstery fabrics

Reupholstering a sofa or chair is a great way to extend its life and secure the enjoyment of your beautifully crafted furniture for many years to come. In order to maintain our outstanding reputation for quality, all of our reCover sofa and chair reupholstery fabrics meet rigorous test standards.

You can choose from a fantastic selection of fabrics when reupholstering a sofa or chair from the ercol range; sourced from the highest quality fabric mills, located predominantly in Italy and Belgium, all of our reupholstery fabrics must pass our stringent quality control standards and specifications, such as the BS5828 Match & Cigarette Flammability Test and the Martindale Rub Test.

Renaissance sofa set from ercol

Fabric care after reupholstering a sofa

After reupholstering a sofa or chair, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your reupholstery in good condition. However, in order to ensure that your fabric is treated correctly, dry cleaning in situ by a professional is the only thorough cleaning recommended by our specialists here at reCover. Sofa and chair reupholstery fabrics can be damaged by inappropriate cleaning products and methods, but you can remove dust and dirt with a little gentle vacuuming using the soft brush attachment or with the use of a soft clean brush if you wish, which will help to reduce wear.

If after reupholstering a sofa or any other cherished ercol item your reupholstery falls victim to an accidental spill, you should remove any solids and blot up as much of the liquid as you can by using white paper towels or a clean white cloth. Try to get your reupholstery as dry as possible in order to limit the potential for ring marks. reCover sofa and chair fabrics that have been brought into contact with mud should be left until the mud is completely dry, so that it can be brushed off. Any further cleaning should always be undertaken by a professional.

All fabrics will fade in the sun, so bear this in mind when placing furniture in front of windows or patio doors. We also recommend rotating your cushions regularly where the design permits.

reCover sofa and chair reupholstery in leather

If you've opted for reupholstering a sofa or chair in leather (certain ranges only), you can dust your reupholstery whenever you desire, and we also recommend that you wipe the surface and in any crevices with a clean, damp cloth periodically. Avoid soaking and always allow your new reCover sofa or chair leather to dry thoroughly. In the event of a spillage, dab off any excess liquids and solids and contact a specialist leather cleaning company.

You can learn more about reCover sofa and chair reupholstery fabrics and our reupholstery service quality by following the links, or contact customer services with any questions you may have.

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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