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Reupholstering furniture isn't just about cushion covers

The process of reupholstering furniture involves more than just choosing your reupholstery fabric. Without good replacement interiors for your new covers, you won't get the best benefits from your reupholstered furniture. Your furniture is subject to a lot of stress over the years; if you think about the number of people who have used it and the frequency with which it's sat on, you begin to realise just how much it endures!

Before reupholstering your furniture, it can be helpful to understand the different elements of recovering your furniture; as well as choosing your reupholstery fabric, you'll also need new interiors to fill them.

Webbing and interiors at the ercol factory

Furniture recovering with new interiors and cases

When reupholstering furniture, both interiors and covers should be replaced at the same time; while it's possible to keep your original covers and just purchase new interiors, we do not advise the reuse of old interiors in new cases. Foam is prone to natural degradation, and this can result in sagging and an overall poor fit when new cases are used to recover old cushion interiors. For this reason when you order from ercol we will provide you with both new covers and new interiors.

Upon reupholstering your furniture, you'll immediately notice a difference in the feel of your chair or sofa. The new interiors will have a firmer and more supportive feel in comparison to your previous cushions, as wear will have degraded the old foam over time, making your upholstery feel softer. It may also be the case that the foam used for your furniture recovering is of a newer specification than your original items, reflecting improvements in materials and changes to regulations over the years. All of our interiors of course meet with the appropriate health and safety requirements.

When placing your order for furniture recovering, on some models you will have a choice of foam and fibre interiors, which offer firmer support, or feather and fibre interiors, which give a luxurious, softer feel, but need regular plumping to maintain their shape.  If you have a feather allergy, please feel free to contact customer services to discuss your requirements.

Webbing and interiors at the ercol factory

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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