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Want to reupholster a sofa or chair? The process couldn't be easier!

If you'd like to reupholster a sofa or any other item of ercol furniture, the ordering and furniture reupholstery process is very straightforward, and our online or hardcopy brochures will help you to easily work out your reupholstery cost.

One of the great things about the ercol furniture reupholstery service is the fact that you don't have to be without the item or items that you've chosen to reupholster. A sofa, chair or set of dining chairs from ercol usually consist of a main wooden frame, with the cushions or seat pads simply fitting into place. We simply make you a new set of cushions or seat pads, which means that while you're waiting for your reupholstery to be delivered, you can carry on using your furniture and simply swap old for new upon delivery.

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Reupholstery cost and furniture identification

The first thing you need to do if you wish to reupholster a sofa or any other ercol item is to identify the make and model; this will also enable you to ascertain the reupholstery cost and any additional items that you may need, or wish, to purchase.

You can find the model of the chairs or sofa you want to reupholster by using our furniture reupholstery guide or alternatively, you can download our catalogues. Our furniture reupholstery guides are easy to navigate and will show you the reupholstery cost of each item you wish to order; if you're not completely sure about your make or model, you can contact reCover customer services or pop down to your local stockist who will be happy to help you.

Many of our popular models were in production for an extended period of time, and during that time they often had a number of different versions. It is important to identify the correct version of a model to ensure your replacement cushions fit properly - using the detailed ercol reupholstery guides and the knowledge of our Customer Services team and trained local retailers' staff will help ensure you get the correct product for your ercol furniture.

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Ordering your furniture reupholstery

Once you've identified the furniture you want to reupholster, you will have various options to choose from. Firstly and most importantly, you will need to choose your favourite reupholstering fabric. When we reupholster a sofa or chair, high quality interiors come as standard, as well as the prescribed number of scatter cushions for your particular model; you can also choose to purchase additional scatter cushions at an extra reupholstery cost. On some models there may be a choice of different interiors; you can learn more about interiors for reupholstering furniture here.

Once you've selected your fabric and identified your model, and you're ready to reupholster your sofa or chair, you can place your order directly through us, or via your stockist - then simply relax and wait for your furniture reupholstery to be delivered, which should take approximately 8 weeks. Customer Services or your local retailer will be pleased to advise you of current lead times when you place your order.

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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