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Ercol furniture is a high quality product, designed to provide years of service before needing replacing, thus helping reduce waste. By using the reCover service, sofa reupholstering and furniture reupholstery can be used to replace the original cushions and covers, allowing you to keep on using the original frames.

Furniture reupholstery and the environment

If you're looking for an ethical furniture reupholstery service, then you're right to choose reCover. Sofa reupholstering, quite literally, doesn't need to cost the earth.

Our solid wood furniture looks great even after the knocks and bangs of daily life, and can often be repaired in the event of more significant damage. With reCover, sofa and furniture reupholstery allows you to revive your favourite ercol items, without the need to replace the original frame. Reupholstering furniture is not only cost-effective, but it's also a great way to furnish your home with beautiful items, without putting the environment under additional pressure.

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Reupholstering and ethical wood sourcing

Before there's any need for reupholstering, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your ercol furniture. As you will probably be aware, our main manufacturing material is timber. During its growth process, timber absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect. Unlike some furniture companies, we source our timber solely from the forests of North America and Europe. This means that we avoid using timber from the parts of the world where logging causes ecosystem damage and we avoid endangered timbers - we use only elm, beech, ash, oak and walnut. The vast majority of our furniture and reupholstery is manufactured in the UK, so the transport miles are also minimised, which in turn ensures a reduced carbon footprint.

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From original furniture to reupholstering - our processes show progress

Whether we're reupholstering furniture or producing original items, we always have the environment in mind. We supply our furniture in a number of timber colour finishes, all of which are created using water based stains. We choose to steer away from the more common use of solvents, as they can contribute to greenhouse warming and act as pollutants.

Ercol has invested heavily in UK manufacturing, opening an award winning new factory in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire in 2002. The environment played a key part in the factory design, be this from the use of wood waste to supply our hot water and heating, to the use of movement sensors to control the office lighting. We continually review our processes to see where we can further improve our environmental performance.

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Why reCover?

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reCover is ercol's reupholstery service. It provides genuine replacement cushions for ercol upholstery and replacement pads for ercol dining chairs.

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Furniture options

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